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Student Support

Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College aims to provide a supportive learning environment for all students and offers extensive support services to all students.


Students are expected to participate actively in all scheduled sessions. During these sessions the trainer and assessor will be available to respond to questions and to assist in the explanation of the content as it is delivered, to support students learning.

All Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College students have access to student support services at no additional cost.


Internal support services include:


  1. Additional coaching from trainer/s including phone and email contact.

  2. Course materials available in alternative formats including hard copy, CD, memory stick. 

  3. Special consideration in assessment including reasonable adjustments.

  4. Flexible delivery and assessment schedules.


Where the required support is beyond the scope of Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College, students may seek the support of, or will be referred to relevant external agencies.  Please note any costs incurred as a result of consulting with an external agency will be met by the student.


Phone and email support is available – 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday

Phone: 07 5343 3058


Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College

RTO No. 45251

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