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MSMWHS212 Undertake first response to fire incidents


Course Overview

The undertake first response to fire incident course is run over 1 days. This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to undertake an appropriate first response to fire incidents in onshore and offshore situations/emergencies.


People working, operating or who regularly travel to an onshore or offshore hydrocarbon/petrochemical installation or facility or major hazard facility may require this competency.


This unit could be applied to any of the following installations or facilities:

  • factories and production plants

  • onshore/offshore rig/installation

  • island based facility

  • floating production vessel or platform

  • onshore production, processing pipeline systems and/or storage facilities

  • pipeline easements

  • maintenance bases.


This unit of competency applies to operators who are required to respond to fires in the workplace (other than evacuating to the assembly point). It covers the first response (only) to fire, and does not include aggressive fire-fighting. Typically this response would be undertaken to contain/extinguish a minor fire or to contain a more major fire until external help arrives (for an urban plant) or to allow for mobilisation of more highly trained responders or evacuation (for a remote/offshore plant).


This unit of competency applies to an individual working alone or as part of a team or group and working in liaison with other shift team members and the control room operator, as appropriate.


Organisations within the chemical, hydrocarbons and refining industries may find themselves falling under the provisions of various Major Hazard Facilities legislation. In developing this unit consideration has been given to the requirements of Sections 8 and 9 of the National Standard for the Control of Major Hazard Facilities [NOHSC:1014 (2002)] and the National Code of Practice for the Control of Major Hazard Facilities [NOHSC:2016 (1996)].

Course Structure

To receive this unit of competency you must complete MSMWHS212 Undertake first response to fire incidents.

This course is run over 1 days.



No pre-requisites

RTO Entry Requirements


Students must satisfactorily complete a language, numeracy and literacy assessment prior to or on course commencement to assess capacity to meet the language, literacy and numeracy requirements of the course.

Students will also need to have the physical capacity to undertake the practical components of this course.


Delivery modes include classroom lead training sessions, self paced learning activities and written assessments.



The course is facilitated by a highly experienced training team, and includes trainer presentations, small group work, independent self paced and lots of opportunity for practical hands on activities.



A range of assessment methods are used to monitor student progress and assess competence. Knowledge checks and practical skill demonstrations are used across all units, some units also require written activities to be completed.  Throughout the course trainers are available to assist and support students in their learning journey and in the completion of assessment requirements.

Employment Outcomes

Students who are successful in gaining this qualification can expect to be eligible for jobs in the emergency response sector within the mining and resources industry.  

Recognition of Prior Learning

Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College is committed to recognising knowledge and skills acquired through work experience, education, training and life experiences. Call our Training Department on 07 5343 3058 for a personalised RPL kit.


Course fee - $550 per person

Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College

RTO No. 45251

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