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Welcome to Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College, we are a Registered Training Organisation which is located at 9 Tandem Avenue, Warana, Queensland.

We offer a core set of training and assessment courses in fire and rescue, emergency services, and mining emergency response.  We aim to provide our students with the knowledge and practical hands on experience to operate confidently and competently in a range of emergency situations. 


We work closely with industry to ensure our courses are current and meet industry needs. 


We target a wide range of students including those looking for a career change or expand their career opportunities; those already working in industry looking to update or improve their skills, as well as newbies looking to establish a career in fire, rescue and emergency response. 


Our courses have access to highly experienced trainers and assessors in the following fields Firefighters, Paramedics and Doctors ensuring your training course is relevant and accurate to industry requirements.

Why choose Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College?

  1. Personal and customised training to suit your needs

  2. Access to realistic training scenarios

  3. Professional, competent and highly experienced trainers

  4. Affordable solution to expand your career opportunities

Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College

RTO No. 45251

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